About me

I'm Laurie Voss. I've been a web developer since 1996 and I am incredibly passionate about making the web bigger, better and more accessible to everyone. Quick facts:

  • I grew up in Trinidad and Tobago
  • I attended the University of Warwick and lived in the UK for 7 years.
  • I moved to San Francisco in 2007, where I still live.
  • I worked at Yahoo for 5 years.
  • I co-founded awe.sm, which didn't work out.
  • I co-founded npm, Inc., the company behind the package manager for JavaScript. I'm currently the COO.
  • I started LGBTQ.technology, a community space for queer people of all kinds in tech
  • I am cisgender, and my pronouns are he and him.
  • My favorite color is sky blue.

I exist at a number of other places around the web, almost always with the name "seldo", including: